Brazilian Ex-President Sentenced To 9.5 Years In Prison

🔹Ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been given a 9.5-year prison sentence on corruption and money laundering charges, following a 3-year investigation known as Operation ‘Car Wash’.
🔹 Lula is being accused of being bribed with a luxury apartment from the construction company OAS, equating to 3.7m reais ($1.5m US) in value. Continue reading “Brazilian Ex-President Sentenced To 9.5 Years In Prison”

Microsoft To Bring Broadband To Rural U.S.

🔹Microsoft has proposed a plan to provide broadband internet to those who live in areas rural in 12 U.S states including; Texas, Maine, Wisconsin, and Georgia.
🔹 Microsoft wants to use “white-space” technology that makes use of unused TV channel frequencies to send internet data.
🔹The program aims to connect 2m people by 2022 and is estimated to cost $10bn.
🔹Microsoft’s president Brad Smith is calling for Continue reading “Microsoft To Bring Broadband To Rural U.S.”

Major Companies To Lead A Digital Net Neutrality Protest

🔹Dozens of major websites and apps, including Netflix and Amazon, are banding together for a “Day of Action” to publicly protest the potential rollback on regulations that the Federal Communications Commission placed on ISPs in 2015.
🔹 These rules enforced net neutrality, which ensures that ISPs cannot intentionally slow down or block access to any websites e.g. reducing the speed of Netflix because Hulu made a deal with the ISP.
🔹The “Day of Action” is to be held on Wednesday the 12th of July, and Continue reading “Major Companies To Lead A Digital Net Neutrality Protest”

Iraqi Forces Declare Victory Over ISIS

🔹After a 9 month battle against ISIS members, Iraqi forces have finally claimed victory to mark the formal end of the brutal campaign.
🔹 Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi arrived in Mosul to congratulate Iraq’s armed forces on defeating the Islamic State on Sunday.
🔹The forces in Mosul still face dangers such as ISIS sleeper cells and suicide bombers and must clear traps throughout the area before civilians can return. Continue reading “Iraqi Forces Declare Victory Over ISIS”

Volvo Becomes The First Major Car Manufacturer To Only Create Hybrid Or Electric Cars

🔹As of 2019, Volvo will no longer produce cars powered solely by the internal combustion engine.
🔹Other luxury automakers are expected to follow soon to meet new consumer demands.
🔹Volvo is expected to release 5 new fully electric cars between 2019 and 2021 and aim to sell 1,000,000 electrified cars by 2025.
🔹This is an important change as the transportation industry Continue reading “Volvo Becomes The First Major Car Manufacturer To Only Create Hybrid Or Electric Cars”

Australian Medicare Details Are Being Sold On The Dark Web

🔹A hacker is selling the Medicare details of Australians on the Dark Web.
🔹A journalist from The Guardian has given credibility to these leaked details by managing to buy his own Medicare details for the bitcoin equivalent of under $30AUD, and confirmed that the details they received were accurate. Continue reading “Australian Medicare Details Are Being Sold On The Dark Web”

Snapchat Maps Is Now Context Aware Of Your Exact Location If You Enable IT

🔹Snapchat recently added a new Map feature that shows your friends’ exact locations if they choose to share it after they acquired the social map app Zenly.
🔹To access ‘Snap Maps’ pinch to zoom out on the camera in Snapchat and choose who to share your location with (all friends, selected friends or no one by enabling ghost mode).
🔹Many are concerned about the safety of Snapchat users, especially younger users, so it is recommended that parents Continue reading “Snapchat Maps Is Now Context Aware Of Your Exact Location If You Enable IT”

Google Hit With A $2.7 Billion Fine

🔹The EU deemed that Google has violated antitrust law, resulting in a $2.7b (US) fine.
🔹This was the result of a 7-year investigation into the company’s search algorithms which would place their own ‘Google Shopping’ (a Google-owned shopping service) results ahead of results of competing companies.
🔹If Google does not make changes that satisfy the EU competition authority within 90 days, Continue reading “Google Hit With A $2.7 Billion Fine”