Trump Announces Ban of Transgender Individuals From U.S. Military

🔹Donald Trump recently tweeted, announcing a ban on Transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military.
🔹This ban has been attributed to the “tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail”.
🔹This ban goes against Continue reading “Trump Announces Ban of Transgender Individuals From U.S. Military”

Brazilian Ex-President Sentenced To 9.5 Years In Prison

🔹Ex-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been given a 9.5-year prison sentence on corruption and money laundering charges, following a 3-year investigation known as Operation ‘Car Wash’.
🔹 Lula is being accused of being bribed with a luxury apartment from the construction company OAS, equating to 3.7m reais ($1.5m US) in value. Continue reading “Brazilian Ex-President Sentenced To 9.5 Years In Prison”

Major Companies To Lead A Digital Net Neutrality Protest

🔹Dozens of major websites and apps, including Netflix and Amazon, are banding together for a “Day of Action” to publicly protest the potential rollback on regulations that the Federal Communications Commission placed on ISPs in 2015.
🔹 These rules enforced net neutrality, which ensures that ISPs cannot intentionally slow down or block access to any websites e.g. reducing the speed of Netflix because Hulu made a deal with the ISP.
🔹The “Day of Action” is to be held on Wednesday the 12th of July, and Continue reading “Major Companies To Lead A Digital Net Neutrality Protest”

France Bans Models Deemed Unhealthily Thin

  • France now requires models to be deemed healthy by their doctor based on their age, weight and body shape.
  • Further, as of Oct 1, all retouched images in magazines will need to be labeled “photagraphie retouchee” to state that it has been retouched.
  • Fashion companies that do not abide by these laws will face a fine of Continue reading “France Bans Models Deemed Unhealthily Thin”

Email Hack Hits Front-Running French Presidential Candidate Macron

The March For Science Rallies Thousands of People Worldwide