Facebook AI Creates It’s Own Language

🔹An AI (artificial intelligence) software that was being developed by Facebook recently began to create it’s own language in order to communicate more efficiently.
🔹Facebook was working on new chatbots, similar to those that already exist in its Messenger app, and challenged them to negotiate with each other for trade.
🔹The robots were instructed to negotiate and improve their bartering skills along the way but were not strictly told to use comprehensible English, thus the AI began to develop and use an incomprehensible variant of English, seemingly to increase efficiency.
🔹A text extract from the AI conversion “Bob: i i can i i i everything else . . . . . . . . . . . . .”. The rest of the conversation involved phrasing similar to this.
🔹While some news outlets are reporting that Facebook abandoned the project out of fear of this AI development, they actually abandoned it as it did not complete required work.
🔹Google revealed earlier this year that the AI that they use for Google Translate had also created its own language that it would translate things into and then out of.


  • Sources: Independent, The Telegraph
  • Img Src: AEM

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