Study Reveals 99% of Ex-NFL Players Suffered From The Brain Disease CTE

🔹A study from Boston University has revealed a very strong link between contact sports, specifically American football, and the degenerative brain disease, CTE.
🔹CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is caused by repeated blows to the head and can result in depression, confusion, memory loss and dementia. CTE is becoming a major concern for players involved in many popular contact sports including; American Football, Rugby, MMA and Boxing.
🔹202 brains of former football players in total were assessed during this study and 177 had CTE. Of the 202, 111 were specifically ex-NFL players and 110 (99%) of them had CTE.
🔹The study further revealed that the longer an individual stayed with the sport, the more likely they were to experience more severe CTE. Of the brains studied, CTE was present in 56% of college players, 56% of semi-professional players and 86% of professional players.
🔹The head of the study pointed out that while the sample was not random (many of the donated brains were likely given specifically due to the players showing signs of CTE prior to death), that the results remain highly significant.


  • Sources: Futurism, The Guardian,
  • Img Src: Sporting News – Paul Nisely/SN IllustrationAP Photo

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