Microsoft To Bring Broadband To Rural U.S.

🔹Microsoft has proposed a plan to provide broadband internet to those who live in areas rural in 12 U.S states including; Texas, Maine, Wisconsin, and Georgia.
🔹 Microsoft wants to use “white-space” technology that makes use of unused TV channel frequencies to send internet data.
🔹The program aims to connect 2m people by 2022 and is estimated to cost $10bn.
🔹Microsoft’s president Brad Smith is calling for government grants and corporate investment, arguing that a lack of internet/slow internet can hinder business, education and health care.
🔹 “White-space” technologies provide a range of benefits; TV signals cover 4x the distance of Wi-Fi, TV signals are better able to pass through objects like hills and walls, and rural regions tend to have more available white-space channels than urban areas.


  • Sources: Seattle Times, The Verge
  • Img Src:

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