Major Companies To Lead A Digital Net Neutrality Protest

🔹Dozens of major websites and apps, including Netflix and Amazon, are banding together for a “Day of Action” to publicly protest the potential rollback on regulations that the Federal Communications Commission placed on ISPs in 2015.
🔹 These rules enforced net neutrality, which ensures that ISPs cannot intentionally slow down or block access to any websites e.g. reducing the speed of Netflix because Hulu made a deal with the ISP.
🔹The “Day of Action” is to be held on Wednesday the 12th of July, and will result in many major websites intentionally being impaired by pop-ups, banners and slowed access in an effort to show users what a world without net neutrality could resemble.
🔹Participants are expected to include Netflix, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Reddit, Etsy, and Vimeo.
🔹 The General Counsel of Vimeo, Michael Cheah, highlighted that this change could lead to paid prioritization which would significantly hurt small companies who would not be able to afford to pay for special treatment by ISPs.


  • Sources: SCPR, SkyNews
  • Img Src: HighTechForum

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